Miami is a cultural melting pot of people, food, and customs from all over Latin America. If you want to party in Miami, knowing these moves will make you feel right at home. Below is a list of different dances, where you can learn them, and where to practice your new skills!


Salsa is a Latin American dance with Puerto Rican and Cuban influences. The dance originally came from New York City and is similar the Cha-cha-cha and Mambo. Latin Dance Movement Co. offers classes for beginners every Monday or Wednesday 7pm-8pm or Saturday 1pm-2pm. No partner or appointment is necessary. You can email Latin Dance Movement to take a private class, or take a group classes for $18.

Latin Dance Movement Co.3363 NE 163rd St #101, North Miami Beach
(786) 440-8920


Originally from Spain, this dance includes singing, guitar, handclapping, and use of catañuels—a percussion instrument. The performance portrays strong emotions, expressive arm movements, and rhythmic stamping of the feet. Learn the art of Flamenco at the Baila Flamenco Dance Studio. For more details and a complete schedule visit their website. To dance flamenco, get ready for a good at Tapas y Tintos, an exciting restaurant with tapas, paella, Spanish drinks and live music.

Baila Flamenco Dance Studio2021 NE163 St. North Miami Beach
(305) 949-1797


Tango began as a solo dance for women, but after gaining popularity it developed into a partner dance that originated in Argentina. Trouville, a Pizza restaurant, has free tango classes at 8:00 pm every Wednesday there is no excuse not to go! You can also even head to Espanola Way, between 14th and 15th streets from Washington to Jefferson Avenue, and you’re guaranteed to see people tangoing in the streets on a busy weekend night. As the old saying goes, it takes two to tango so bring a partner or find one of your own!

Trouville Restaurant
7100 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
(305) 397-8958


Samba is a lively, rhythmical Afro Brazilian dance most noticeably characterized by female dancers in bikinis and colorful feathers. The dance is usually done at celebrations and Carnival in Rio. For Samba lessons, contact Gil Santos Dance Studio. They offer group dance lessons every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm. Call to schedule a private class. When you feel ready to show off your new skills, go to Mango’s Tropical Cafe and dance the night away.

Brazilian Carnival1900 Liberty Ave, Miami Beach


Bachata is a style of social dance from the Dominican Republic that contains heavy Cuban influences. Bachata classes are offered every Tuesday and Friday at 8:00pm at the Miami Beach Gyrotonic. After class head over to Puntino Dal Toro on 719 Lincoln Road for more social dancing.

Salsa Central
Miami Beach Gyrotonic
1370 Washington Ave Suite #307
(786) 357-6827