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On the second Saturday of every month, an event called Art Walk takes place in Wynwood—Miami’s most well-known designated art district. What is it? It’s really a night when people from all over come to Wynwood to enjoy and buy art, eat, drink, and dance.


Art Walk makes the bulk of Wynwood’s prolific art scene available to the public with a festive vibe. Stepping away from the stuffiness of some galleries, hosts liven up these Saturdays by offering complimentary beer, wine and snacks. Artists attend, so you can pick their brains about the work, and of course much of it is for sale. Those who want to take something home can choose between works generally ranging from $20-$20,000.


Galleries tend to stay open from 6pm to 10pm.

The heart of Wynwood is between NW 5th Avenue and North Miami Avenue on the East/West axis and between NW 29th and NW 23rd streets on the North/South Axis. There are so many galleries within walking distance of one another, that you can spend the whole four hours exploring and still have new ones to check out next month.

Some notable galleries to put on the top of your list include: Alejandra von Hartz Gallery, Pan American Arts Projects, Dina Mitrani Gallery, and, of course, Wynwood Walls. There’s also an app to help you get around.


The neighborhood has some well respected restaurants like Alter and Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, but the real food highlight of Art Walk are the dozens of trucks who come out with food from all over the world. Whatever you are craving you can find at these food trucks whether it’s vegan food, perfect grilled cheeses, burgers, lobster rolls, tacos, Cuban fritas, dim sum, curry, boba tea, frozen yogurt, or ice cream. You can find some great craft brews at Concrete Beach Brewery or Wynwood Brewing Company, and visit clubs like Gramps or Wood Tavern.


So many people come to Wynwood for Art Walk that the buildings can’t fit everyone, which is why parties tend to form on the street. Many fledgling artists set up stands selling screen prints, hand crafted jewelry, and all sorts of funky artistic objects. On street corners, performance artists, people with megaphones free styling, dance troupes, and even full bands put on free shows. One of the best things to do on the street is watch one of Miami’s many talented street artists add their tag to the graphic neighborhood in the country.

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