food truck b&b

It’s no secret that Miami Beach is an incomparable destination for food and culture. With the recent craze over food trucks and their new hip status, we thought about all of the delicious rolling eateries around our sunny city. Trust us, the trend is so real that it was depicted in the recent hit movie Chef starring Jon Favreau where he plays an all-star chef who starts a food truck service in Miami Beach. So to show readers who our favorite real life walk up and eat businesses are, here are a few of the best food trucks in Miami Beach.

Eatalian Truck

Everybody loves well-made, authentic Italian food. Therefore, everybody loves the local Eatalian Food Truck with their delicious classics like lasagna and pasta with meatballs. With many meals in the $5 range, the Eatalian Truck has that affordable and delicious appeal that we love in most food trucks. The chef is believed to be straight out of Italy providing that authenticity in your eating experience and in the food itself!


B&B Truck

The delicious Burger and Beer Joint in Miami Beach is a local favorite sports bar great burgers and wings. Taking their flavorful and fun approach to service on the road, visitors of Miami Beach can enjoy the wonder of Burger & Beer Joint all around the city. Be sure to try their Hotel California Burger, which comes with an egg on top, or the Paradise City Burger, which stacks shrimp on top of the beef.


Cafe Portofino

Laying out in the sun all day on South Beach is relaxing, but it can also encourage quite an appetite. Cafe Portofino is amazing because it offers up a mix of hearty meals right on the sand. They serve up a nice variety of burgers and chicken sandwiches with toppings like roasted red peppers, mushrooms and melted mozzarella! For some refreshing nutrients to go with the warm sun’s vitamin D, be sure to try one of their wonderful fruit salads.