The two-time world champion Miami Marlins head into the 2015 season with a continued appreciation for their relatively new stadium, Marlins Park. The ballpark offers a slew of modern luxuries, including a retractable roof, sleek and modern design, an onsite club run by the famous Clevelander Hotel, and much more.

While there’s so much to enjoy at Marlins Park, we’ve decided to focus this post on our favorite amenity: the food! So, without further ado, here is a short list of where and what to eat at Marlins Park.

Promenade Level

The Promenade Level of Marlins Park is stocked with a wide variety of delicious local and classic ballpark food. Enjoy Kosher hot dogs and more in the area’s Kosher Corner, or dive into the ageless choices of burgers, hot dogs, fries, chicken tenders, nachos and popcorn at Burger 305, Metro Grill and other ballpark establishments. The Promenade Level continues its extensive offerings with the Taste of Miami eatery featuring local favorites like Cuban sandwiches, ceviche, empanadas and tamales. Also on the same level, Miami Mex also offers specialized Mexican food.

Legends Level

Offering many of the same options as the Promenade, the Legends Level provides an elevated style of Marlins Park dining. The level’s take on Cuban cuisine comes from Rincon Habana, which serves crowd favorites like rice and beans bowls and smoked pork burritos. The Legends Level also features its own Metro Grill. Welcome to the Show is another Legends Level eatery, which creatively serves a rotating menu that in one way or another is inspired by the visiting team.

Field Level

The Field Level offerings are amongst the most high end and enjoyable in the entire park. The Diamond Club, located directly behind home plate, offers a stunning view of the ballpark and delicious food served from upscale carving stations and salad bars. Just like at a restaurant, and unlike the rest of the ballpark, eating in the Diamond Club comes with tableside concierge service. The Field Level also features the Bacardi Dugout Club, which pampers guests with complimentary drinks and an artisanal buffet. While this option highlights the variety of things to eat at Marlins Park, it also stays in line with the park’s consistently high-quality dining options!

Winter Haven Hotel-Recommended Food at Marlins Park:

  • Diamond Club
  • Bacardi Dugout Club
  • Rincon Habana
  • Metro Grill
  • Welcome to the Show
  • Taste of Miami
  • Miami Mex
  • Burger 305
  • Kosher Corner

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