You’re coming to Miami Beach to lounge and relax, and that very-well could mean curling up with a good book. To gather some wisdom about your surroundings, or delve into some fiction set right here, here are five great Miami-books to read on the beach:

by Joan Didion, 1987

Written during the tumultuous late-80’s by famous scribe Joan Didion, this story about Cuban exiles and the construction of the city’s now vibrant Cuban community is a bold look into Miami’s history. Focusing on themes of politics, conspiracies, immigration, and exile, the often bleak narrative provides a fascinating backdrop for the colorful, multicultural haven the city is today.

The Dexter Series
by Jeff Lindsay, 2004-2015

Eight books beginning with Darkly Dreaming Dexter comprise Jeff Lindsay’s famous crime-fiction series. Having sold millions of copies, in addition to inspiring the Showtime series Dexter, these Miami Beach-based books are about as famous as they come. Sure, the forensic-analysis-serial-killer protagonist makes it pretty dark, but for those who can get into the fantasy, reading it in SoBe will be sure to make things extra scary!

by Ian Fleming, 1959

The seventh novel of Ian Fleming’s iconic James Bond series takes place right here in Miami. An instant best-seller, the story begins with James Bond changing planes in Miami after squashing a heroin ring in Mexico. He gets caught up in a web of mystery following a character named Goldfinger who is smuggling gold out of the country.

La Brava
by Elmore Leonard, 1983

From the mind behind Justified, Get Shorty, and Rum Punch, La Brava follows a retired secret service agent who gets involved with a movie star here in South Beach. Set in the city’s heyday of the 1930’s and 1940’s, the book is filled filled with romantic descriptions of a vintage, glamorous city. Reading it on the beach besides the same art deco buildings will sure help you visualize the scene.

Fool’s Paradise
Steven Gaines, 2009

This wildly imaginative and deeply historical book looks at the city of Miami’s excess and fortune in relation to its wild past. Looking back to the origins of Miami Beach, with its famous influx of early 20th century hoteliers and big name individuals like Al Capone and Frank Sinatra, it provides phenomenal context for anyone who hasn’t looked into the city before.