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We are in the heat of another Miami Beach summer, and it’s still tough to determine what’s ideal for day-in-day-out footwear. The options on the female side of the sidewalk fashion scene are seemingly endless, but for men, we’ve taken notice to a fairly simple split around town. Off the bat, our advice is for men to bring both a pair of boat shoes and flip flops to SoBe. If you’re stuck having to choose one, take a look at these pros and cons to inform your decision.

Flip Flops:

Main Pro: They are easy!

The allure of flip flops derives from their accessibility. Slide them on when you leave the hotel, kick them off when you hit the sands of South Beach. No socks required. And, fashionably, they go great with a bathing suit and tank.

Main Con: Inconvenient

Say your day of wandering turns towards a fancy sit-down lunch, flip flops are not the ideal choice for elegant attire. On a less fancy side, if you and your buddies cruise the streets all day and want to go straight to the club, open-toed shoes probably aren’t allowed, and even if they are, dancing in them will suck.

Boat Shoes:

Main Pro: Keeping it Classy

A fixture of bro-summer outfits around America, boat shoes are largely accepted at somewhat fancy meals and business casual social engagements. Even if you aren’t rocking a polo and flashy wristwatch, the no-socks-necessary, slip-on shoes are undeniably easy ways to stay just classy enough to get by.

Main Con: Cuts on the Backs of Your Ankles

Until you build a callous after wearing them for a while, boat shoes will give you cuts on the backs of your ankles. Not a huge deal, but if you’re walking around South Beach all day, it could be a bit of a hassle. Also, be careful walking with them on the beach, sand in the sole is a real bummer.