people enjoy nightlife at ocean drive in the clevelander bar

People come to South Beach for many reasons. With your back against a wall, if forced to choose just one, which of these qualities would win out as the most attractive in South Beach? Check out these pro’s and cons and decide which you favor most.


Pro: Seafood

South Beach has some of the best seafood in the country. Dig into local favorites at the original Joe’s Stone Crab, or get a bit more progressive with chili rubbed shrimp tacos at HuaHua’s Taqueria. Also, be sure to order ceviche wherever it’s being served.

Con: There’s too much to choose from!

The only bad thing about food in South Beach is that it sometimes feels impossible to pick just one place to eat at a time. No worries, though, your can’t-fail option is our onsite Italian restaurant on Ocean Drive, Il Bolognese.


Pro: Fun

The people in South Beach are famously fun. From cutting the rug at dance clubs until 6am every night to hosting elegant soirees on the beach to conducting iconic drag shows on Ocean Drive, local culture lives out on the streets and sands of South Beach every day.

Con: Exhaustive

Looking at the combined tourist and local population of South Beach, there can be a bit of an exhaustive element to the non-stop boozing and elevated focus on being gorgeous all the time. No worries here, however, hang out and dress up as much as you want and then find quiet refuge at the Blue Moon and lesser-known attractions throughout the city.


Pro: Non-stop

Similar to other “party destinations” like Las Vegas or even Ibiza, Miami Beach nightlife is non-stop offering some extended fun with nightclubs open until 6am! Throw in beach soirees at Nikki Beach and iconic events like White Party Week, and you’ve got plenty to enjoy on the SoBe party scene.

Con: Expensive

Some knock the local party scene after spending $15 on a cocktail at Fontainebleau or even more on bottle service. This sort of spending is totally avoidable though, start off with a strong $6 frozen grain alcohol drink from Wet Willie’s or some $2 jello shots at Lost Weekend to get a buzz without breaking your bank.