Antique briefcases and hats

Join collectors, dealers, and antique enthusiasts at this February 10th-13th for The Original Miami Beach Antique Show. The internationally recognized event will set the stage for the antique market for the rest of the year. To help you navigate the large event we broke down the show for you in this easy guide.

The Show

The Original Miami Beach Antique Show, America’s largest indoor antique show, is a three-day exhibition of antiques, jewelry, and art from all around the world. This year’s event will be held at the Miami-Dade County Fair Expo Center where nearly 1,000 collectors and dealers will display their items.

The collections will include items from as far back the Renaissance era. Other treasures include fine art, antique jewelry, clocks, and much more from the Art Deco era, which had heavy influences on South Beach architecture. You don’t need to be a collector or antique enthusiast to enjoy the festival. Anyone who is interested in objects from the past will enjoy the show!

Special Events

There will be two special events taking place during the course of the show.

Before the official kick off of the show, on February 8th and 9th, the festival presents, The Jewelry History Series, an educational conference focused on the history of jewelry of different time periods. The event is open to the public. Click here to register and buy tickets.

On the second day of the festival an appraisal day will be held by Skinner, Inc. You can fill out a form and have a free appraisal done on one item. Who knows you could be sitting on a fortune and not even know it!


For admission into the event, you may by tickets at the door for $20, or buy them online to avoid lines. There are also VIP tickets available which include benefits like access to the show floor one hour earlier than the public, complimentary valet parking, VIP goody bag, and more. Visit the event’s website to buy tickets.

Stay With Us

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