It’s no secret that there are plenty of great places to drink in and around Miami Beach, one of the most popular party destinations in the world.  We know that it’s sometimes tough to leave the party at the bar or hotel. Since you’re on vacation, and you deserve it, here are some inspirational ways to sidestep open container laws and hide your booze in Miami:

The BeerBelly

The BeerBelly is possibly the most appropriately named liquor hiding accessory. Essentially a plastic bag with shoulder straps, the device is shaped like its namesake and when placed under a t-shirt is indistinguishable from the real thing. Fill it with beer, or wine, or whatever crazy mixed drinks you’re making for your South Beach adventure, and waste no time waiting for bartenders or walking the streets. Pick up your BeerBelly here (

The WineRack

The WineRack is an equally effective, and extremely more flattering booze bag for women. As the name implies, the contraption allows women to add a little boost to their bust with a bag full of wine. The liquor bra (which can easily pass for a bathing suit) comes equipped with a hose and spout for easy access. It can one full bottle of wine, two full beers, or 20 shots of liquor.  To learn more and pick up your own, check out the WineRack here

Sunscreen Flask

Of course one of the places that you will most want to drink in public while visiting South Beach is the beach itself. What better way to imbibe than from an incognito sunscreen bottle? To make sure there’s no risk of sunscreen residue mixing with your vodka and orange juice, check out one of these brand new flasks disguised as a typical bottle of lotion.

image via Men Style Fashion