It’s impossible for any one person to experience everything that this iconic city has to offer. Everyone who is here, however, can share their good times and ideas on the mutual forum of Twitter. To show our readers some of the more exciting recent happenings around town, here are a few of our favorite #Miami tweets.


The combination of this statement and picture peaked our curiosity instantly. Following the link, we found a story about Botlr, a new robotic bellhop coming to work in Miami. Is this too absurd? Should we look into getting one at the Winter Haven?



That image of the pink double rib steak from Quality Meats had us click through right away. This tweet was an eye opener to Pharrell’s favorite short rib dumplings at Pubbelly, Michael Caine’s beloved cornish hen at Tamarina along with plenty more tasty and celeb-approved eats around town.



So, this may seem like a cliche or sleazy favorite, but Racked Miami has been tweeting about this Hottest Trainers in Miami contest so much that we just had to check it out. There are men’s and women’s competitions and they both exemplify the physicality and beauty of this city.   @PaulChavezMedina  

While we don’t like to dwell on our loss of the King, our time with LeBron James was quite electric. Getting a little bit nostalgic, Paul Chavez Medina posted this #Miami tweet with an attached vine showing some of his best moments in a Heat uniform. 


One of social media’s most important practices is sharing pictures of cute animals. Miami News Now did so with this one and gave us a link to an adorable slide show of Miami’s favorite K-9 companions.