South Beach Allstars: People Watching in Miami Beach


South Beach is stocked to the brim with prime spots to sit, lounge and enjoy the warm lively atmosphere that attracts millions to this beautiful neighborhood. The main things to enjoy when sitting around are the hot sun and ocean breeze, the beautiful art deco architecture surrounding and, most of all, the people. With a vibrant and highly enthusiastic social culture, SoBe attracts and produces a wide array of interesting personalities. Considering how great the area is for observing interesting people, we’ve decided to break down our South Beach Allstars— the different types of people you’ll see people watching in Miami Beach.

Models/ Socialites

The sands of South Beach are famous for drawing some very fashion forward and attractive individuals. With a thriving nightlife culture and numerous local celebrities, Miami Beach is a hotbed of models and socialites who can be spotted any day of the week living life and enjoying the party. When sitting on Ocean Drive facing the water and people watching, these folks will consistently make you feel like you’re in some fantastical other world.

Business Travelers

Surrounding all of Miami Beach’s local culture and lively faces are the hard working men and women who fuel commerce and social progress. Strolling through the streets of SoBe, business travelers and the people they’re doing work with are grabbing post meeting drinks and taking in the local scene. When you’re people watching, you’re painting a mental picture of a place. These individuals provide that picture with the insight that this is a place perpetually attracting visitors and stimulating national commerce.

Spring Breakers

Also exemplifying Miami Beach’s ability to draw an attractive and interesting crowd, college students celebrating Spring Break stroll through to enjoy all of the fun SoBe has to offer. Everything that draws these wild and crazy kids is actually available all year round, which makes Miami Beach an ideal destination. And that time of year when the Spring Breakers are in town, they bring a lot of happiness and fun, which makes them one of our all-star people watching personalities.