Miami and Miami Beach are known for their world-class restaurant scenes, especially their renowned Cuban dining options. Restaurants such as Havana 1957 and Puerto Sagua carry reputations for offering the best Cuban food in Miami, but the city offers a wide range of other, lesser-known establishments with equally enticing menus.

One of our favorite Cuban restaurants in South Florida is Enriqueta’s Sandwich Shop, an authentic Cuban sandwich spot on the fringes of Miami’s artsy and emerging Wynwood neighborhood.

Enriqueta’s is an unassuming and modest space, offering a bustling-yet-low-key dining room and a quick-and-classic outdoor pickup window. The shop’s extensive menu boasts dynamic dishes at both breakfast and lunch, including plated entrees, savory soups, and fresh-grilled sandwiches. It’s hard to go wrong when you place an order at Enriqueta’s, but educated suggestions never hurt.


For desayuno — perhaps better known as breakfast — Enriqueta’s offers some classic Cuban options that will truly get your day off to the right start. The shop’s empanadas are simply to die for, with the chicken, cheese, and ham options all standing out as extraordinary examples of the traditional Latin dish. The cheese, sausage, and banana omelets are also local favorites on the Enriqueta’s breakfast menu.

When lunchtime rolls around, the menu at Enriqueta’s maintains an excellent balance of simplicity and variety. You can’t go wrong ordering a classic Cubano sandwich, or throwing in a twist with the Cubano with Croquettes. Some other favorite sandwiches include the Special Tuna Sandwich, Special Steak Sandwich, and Turkey Sandwich, each served on a carefully toasted, perfectly pressed, and classically crispy baguette. We’re also big fans of their authentically spiced Cuban Chicken Soup and Special Chicken Salad.


To add to Enriqueta’s list of delicious offerings, the humble restaurant serves fresh juices and traditional Cuban coffee drinks (insider’s tip: try the Cafecito, a sugary-sweet espresso drink that will wake you up, no questions asked).


With an array of incomparable items and the added allure of an under-the-radar location away from the glitz and glamor of Miami Beach, Enriqueta’s is a must-visit during any stay at Winter Haven.