The Frost Science Museum, located just across Biscayne Bay from the Winter Haven Hotel, is one of the most comprehensive and creative museums in Miami. Its wide array of exhibits and attractions makes it an excellent place to spend the day with the whole family. Here are some of the must-see highlights of The Frost Science Museum:

The Planetarium

The Frost Science Museum has one of the most impressive planetariums of any science museum in the world. The 250-seat theatre is comprised of letdown seats looking up at 16-million-color 8K projector screen, complemented by surround sound and the dome-shaped ceiling. Here you can take “visual joyrides” to outer space, the depths of the ocean, and as far out as the mind can imagine.

Feathers To The Stars

This ongoing exhibition at the Frost Science Museum is a comprehensive look back at the world’s history of flight. It begins with reconstructions of ancient flying dinosaurs, and interactive stations teaching you about the biomechanics of flying animals like birds, dragonflies, and bats. The exhibit then takes you through timelines of artifacts and models mapping out the history of human flight and space exploration. Be sure to stop by this fascinating collection of science and history next time you stop by The Frost Science Museum.

SEEING: What Are You Looking At
On View Through October 20, 2017

This fascinating exhibit in the West Wing of the Frost Science Museum in Miami questions how eyes, brains, and robots see. Going through the mechanics and science behind vision takes an adventure through the complex sensory experiences of understanding and perception. The exhibition includes a life-drawing class with robots, a video installation, and three dimensional sculptures that warp visual perception.


This inventive and innocent exhibition takes a deep dive into how the human body and mind work together. Perfect for children, the fun attraction focuses its research on how daily choices can make you healthier and a better functioning human being. The exhibition is comprised of interactive zones like a virtual plate to fill with your favorite foods, a dance floor that teaches you about calorie burning, and more.

The Aquarium

Self-touted as a “masterpiece of living science,” the three-live aquarium at The Frost Science Museum gives deep insight into how South Florida’s aquatic ecosystems exist. The top floor shows you recreated habitats of the Gulf Stream, Mangrove Forests, and Everglades. The lower levels have a variety of aquatic treasures like colorful corals to live animals sharks and tunas.

The Frost Science Museum. 1101 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL. (305) 434-9600