joes stone crab

The roots of Miami Beach dining classic Joe’s Stone Crab stretch all the way back to the early 1900s. Joseph Weiss was a Hungarian immigrant living in New York, who, according to the Joe’s Stone Crab website, came down to Miami Beach to escape asthma issues triggered by the less-than-pristine New York City air.

Weiss’ wife and son soon relocated to Miami Beach. The trio opened Joe’s Restaurant soon after. The small hole-in-the-wall joint served a wide variety of South Florida-sourced seafood while Joe earned a reputation for making the best fish sandwich around.

From that point on, Joe’s stood as a respected local family establishment. The restaurant’s popularity grew as figures like Al Capone became frequent customers. In the early 1920s, James Allison, a local marine researcher, introduced Joe to stone crabs, which had yet to be discovered as an oceanic delicacy. Joe decided to boil the crabs and serve them alongside hashbrowns and cole slaw, creating the establishment’s signature dish and future namesake.

Today, Joe’s Stone Crab welcomes guests for their 102nd year in business. One of the longest running establishments in all of Miami Beach, the restaurant remains a local institution. The restaurant’s discovery of the stone crab as a seafood standard — along with its rich century-long legacy of serving locally inspired seafood — has made Joe’s Stone Crab an incomparably influential restaurant in Miami Beach.

Some of Joe’s Stone Crab’s most popular menu items include Lobster, Clam & Bacon Fritters, and Tuna Tartare Tacos with cilantro cabbage slaw and avocado aioli. If you’re looking for a historic taste of Miami Beach, we recommend Joe’s Classic, which comes with three stone crabs or two king crab claws and cole slaw, hash brown potatoes, creamed spinach, and a slice of key lime pie.

Be sure to stop by this beloved local restaurant during your stay in Miami Beach. It’s worth giving Joe’s signature South Beach seafood a try. It’s only a few blocks away from Winter Haven, a comfortable hotel in the heart of Miami Beach.