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One of the best ways to stay motivated in your quest to be fit is to make working out exciting and fun. Exercising in a group can be encouraging and offers the opportunity to make new friends. Here some of the hottest fitness classes that we love in Miami Beach:

Barre Motion

This unique exercise draws inspiration from ballet, Pilates, and yoga. Classes consist of a series of exertions like sit squats and forearm planks that are each followed by stretches like the straddle stretch (inner thighs). Newcomers begin to see and feel the positive effects of barre on the body after just a few classes. The most notable changes include a more lifted posture, length and tone in the limbs and torso, as well as greater mental clarity. No equipment is used at this modern looking ballet studio except for the barre of course, and the classes follow a sequence of poses and stretches with music designed to go with the choreography of the class.

1560 Lenox Avenue, class schedule, $35/drop-in class (package deals & memberships available)

Barry’s Bootcamp

If sweating next to celebrities is your thing, then Barry’s Bootcamp is the place for you. At this gym, Barry’s “Best Workout in the World” will have you burn 1000 calories in just one hour by shocking the cardiovascular system. In the first half of each class you do interval cardio routines on the treadmill, then the second part involves strength training with free weights, medicine balls, and resistance bands. Each day of the week is focused on a different muscle group—ie. arms, butt and legs, chest and back, core and abs, as well as full body.

1835 Purdy Avenue, class schedule, $30/drop-in class (package deals & memberships available)

Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports is one of the beach’s most popular studios, and it caters to every skill level. If you’re the competitive type, then you can compare your power stats (torque and rpm) with classmates in real time. If you don’t want to be on the display board, you can opt out. Another high tech feature is the digital screen on each bike that displays your rpm and allows you to change the resistance to a numeric value instead of turning knobs. And, of course, everyone’s favorite thing about spin class is the music. Each instructor switches it up depending on the class, and they even have themed classes like 90s music or Taylor Swift vs Kanye West.

1919 Purdy Avenue, class schedule, $28/drop-in class (package deals & memberships available)

Paddleboarding at Synergy

For a truly unique Miami fitness experience, try doing yoga on a paddleboard floating in Biscayne Bay. We know what you’re thinking. Trust us, it’s much easier than it sounds, and you don’t need any prior yoga or paddleboarding experience to do it. You’ll get instructions on how to use these extra large and very stable boards, and after an educational warm up, let the poses begin! These classes are by RSVP only, so call to find out when the next session is, or reserve your own class if you have four or more people.

844 Alton Road, classes by RSVP only, $20/person

South Beach Boxing Gym

You don’t have to be a professional boxer to receive the head-to-toe benefits of training like one. At South Beach Boxing Gym, you can get fit without getting hit! Each intense class consists of interval training, strength exercises, and plyometrics. Think hitting heavy bags and jumping rope. In addition to classic boxing, the gym also offers training in kickboxing, jiu jitsu, and muay thai.

715 Washington Avenue 2nd Floor, class schedule, $35/drop-in session (membership available)

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