It looks like the world is taking a cue from Miami Beach when it comes to this summer’s fashion trends. The biggest highlights from the 2014 New York Fall Fashion Week, which looks ahead at spring and summer designs, were bright colors, bold patterns, and tropical prints. This is a direct quote from WGSN, a fashion trend forecasting company: “We will see an abundance of tropical prints and lush greens, bright citrus shades and sunset-inspired palettes”. They could have saved themselves some nouns and adjectives and simply said, “We will see Miami”.

After all, the Miami locals basically have summer year round, so they are fluent in the fashion. But when it is actually summertime in Miami you have to dress appropriately if you don’t want to catch a legitimate heat stroke. Think of millau tops, cut-off jean (and other) shorts, and free-flowing maxi dresses. These are all articles of clothing that allow nature’s sweet breeze to cool you down to a normal body temperature. However, don’t forget your form with your function.

One key to dressing for Miami, is not be shy. It is no place to fret about standing out. The only surefire way to really stand out is to be bland in a sea of bright colors and daring cuts. What would be considered a fashion faux pas in a different city, is all the rage in Miami, especially during the summer. So don’t be afraid to wear two solid, bold colors on top of each other. Bright pink top with a burnt orange short. Looks good to me! Also, keep in mind that of those bold “citrus” colors mentioned before, yellow is the hottest trend moving into summer. Whatever you choose to wear in Miami this summer, keep it light, keep it bright, and always flashy.