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In terms of fashion, Miami Vice is by far the most influential piece of media to ever come out of our great city. Running for five seasons in the late 1980s, it brought the city’s underworld of crime into the households of America in a super-stylized manner. At the center of it all, Mr. Don Johnson, whom fans of the show know as James “Sonny” Crockett. In an age where everything is “in,” we thought we’d give our guests an exclusive guide to dressing like Don Johnson in Miami Vice.

The White Blazer


Sure, sometimes he would bust out a grey or blue jaunt, but Donnie’s signature outerwear was the white blazer. This classic Florida look brought together his whole outfit. Also, the jacket was always left open giving us a glimpse of his gun straps and badge…boo yah!

Grab yours at fashion boutique Venissac on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach.

The Power Tuck Tee

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Underneath that blazer and harness, Johnson always rocked the hard power tuck with a variety of tight fitting t-shirts. Pink v-necks for date night, whites and blues for contemplating life while walking on the beach, and the badass black for fighting crime.

These are all over the city, but for decent prices and fabric, American Apparel on the Lincoln Road Mall should do the trick.

Black Shades

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Keeping it cool in the hot Miami Sun, Don Johnson always had a pair of black shades to go along with his stellar outfits. Miami Vice historians maintain that the glasses were made special for him, but anyone who wants to replicate the mystique can do just as well with a pair of black Ray Bans.

Sunglass Hut on Lincoln Road will surely have all of the styles and qualities you’ll need for some shades during your stay.

The Hair

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Feathery, blown back and always full, the Miami detective always kept his rug looking impeccably groomed on the show. Many people say Don Johnson never would have gotten the role for Miami Vice without his hair, and they’re probably right.

For a quality men’s haircut where you can get the Sonny Crockett doo, stop by the Hair Cuttery on Alton Road.