Every city has its favorite stretch of road. Whether it’s the celeb-filled sidewalks, luxury retail boutiques or the open container laws, America’s favorite streets all have something special. Here, we’ve picked the most iconic streets in the country:

Bourbon Street

Jazz it up on the New Orleans summer streets

Drinking a to-go mimosa while walking down Bourbon Street and listening to jazz pouring out of bars and restaurants is a quintessential New Orleans experience. The heart of the famed French Quarter neighborhood and center of Mardi Gras, few roads match the allure of Bourbon Street.

U Street

3465712564_51fac530b0_o (3)image via flickr

U Street in many ways is emblematic of the social history of DC. A center of the civil rights movement, the road and corridor is known today as one of the city’s best musical destinations with a wide selection of contemporary restaurants, bars, and night clubs.

Fifth Avenue

Shopper woman in New York City

The driving force behind New York City’s reputation as one of the leading shopping destinations in the world, Fifth Avenue draws countless wide-eyed shoppers from around the world everyday. From the famed Saks Jewelry location to Gucci to Build-A-Bear, Fifth has something for everyone.

Duval Street

Key West

Another open-container outdoor destination, Duval Street in the Key West, Florida feels like a spring break destination for retirees. Jimmy Buffett style bars with classic rock blaring and skimpily dressed tourists make this one of the most fun places to walk around in the United States.

Ocean Drive

 people enjoy Palm trees and art deco hotels at Ocean Drive

Winter Haven Hotel’s home is right here on Ocean Drive, our favorite street in the United States. Nightclubs open until 6am have the Bourbon and Duval streets’ party appeal. Swim Shops and the nearby Lincoln Road Mall makes Fifth Avenue purchases easy. Live Cuban music and dance shows offer the cultural flavor of U Street. Oh yeah, and the gorgeous sands of South Beach border the entire stretch.