Welcome to Ocean Drive – The History of An Iconic Neighborhood

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Ocean Drive means a lot to Miami Beach. This strip, lined with modern hotels and some of the most sought after nightlife establishments in the country, is in many ways the heart of the city. At the core of all the commerce and life fueling Ocean Drive is the architecture. Behind Miami Beach’s beautiful art deco aesthetic, there’s the history of Ocean Drive, which covers topics including high artistic achievements and celebrity and murder.  While Ocean Drive is a place of wonder and intrigue today, it’s still worth taking a look back at some of the crazy things that have happened along the way.

The allure of Ocean Drive was born and continues to thrive with the Miami Art Deco District. Living under several titles— Miami Beach Architectural District, Old Miami Beach Historic District— this collection of various architectural achievements distinguishes Miami Beach as a one of a kind aesthetic destination. This area has been a U.S. Historic District for over thirty years with nearly 1,000 preserved and historic buildings. An extraordinary collection of nationally recognized public works of art has naturally attracted a lot of brilliant minds with similarly progressive taste.

Adding to the décor of the neighborhood, world-famous fashion designer Gianni Versace bought a mansion on Ocean Drive in 1992 and, according to the New York Daily News, he spent over $30 million on upgrades. The Versace Mansion has long been a photography destination and a featured Ocean Drive attraction. In 1997, Versace fell victim to what has been speculated as a random shooting outside this very same house. The death of the fashion juggernaut in this fashion Mecca was an absolute horror. With Versace missed everyday, the house still stands tall with its incredible beauty.

Celebrities continue to frequent Ocean Drive and travelers continue to flock to the Miami Beach Art Deco District. Today, Ocean Drive is a great place to explore SoBe with the beautiful Atlantic Ocean close. Versace brought beauty to Miami Beach, as did the many brilliant architects who dreamt up this visual destination. Ocean Drive hosts countless pedestrians daily. Maintaining its fashionable appeal, that rich, dynamic history lives strong.