With all of SoBe’s signature sunshine and glamour, it’s easy for visitors to forget the wonders of Miami beyond the borders of South Beach. From Little Haiti to Marlins Park, there’s a whole world beyond our neighborhood that’s worth exploring. One of the coolest nearby destinations for an easy afternoon escape is the Wynwood Walls art space in the incredibly creative and visually magnificent neighborhood of Wynwood.

While the entire neighborhood is treated as an art gallery with extraordinary street art and an abundance of studios, Wynwood Walls is a sectioned off, curated space for murals and galleries. To give readers a taste of what an afternoon escape to Wynwood Walls is like, here’s an inside look:


Art surrounds guests from the moment they enter the space. An established cafe is part of the massive installation, making Wynwood Walls an easy spot to hang out for a bit.





One of the most enjoyable aspects of Wynwood Walls is the widespread collection of different styles, perspectives, colors and mediums.



Despite showcasing murals from a large series of different artists, the park has a distinctly unified feel. In many ways, each contributor to Wynwood Walls has submitted to one genre-spanning collaboration.



Some of these low-cut walls have the lovely affect of placing wonderful artistry right on the backdrop of the lush Miami sky.





As expansive as any art museum with the animation and grit of classic street art, Wynwood Walls is as impressive as any art destination in South Florida. It’s also outdoors, so visitors don’t have to take a break from the beloved Miami sun.