Home to over 4,000 pieces of sexually inspired art, the World Erotic Art Museum is a biological and romantic exploration through sculpture, print and painting that explores our depiction of sex from ancient times till the present. dating back as early as 300 BCE. In its galleries, expect to see works from iconic names like Picasso, Klimt and Rembrandt.

Visitors to the World Erotic Art Museum can experience a delightfully unique sector of South Beach culture. Since the museum’s 2011 inception, WEAM’s curators have astounded and educated audiences with game changing exhibitions, such Rembrandt’s early erotic etchings from the 17th century and scandalous images from popular German-Australian photographer Helmut Newton.

Complementing the boisterous and sexy vibe of the South Beach neighborhood, the World Erotic Art Museum shares with the general public an otherwise shut-out pillar of creativity, which ultimately fosters conversation and propels noteworthy works to the masses.

Sitting a short walk from the Winter Haven Hotel, the World Erotic Art Museum offers a refined perspective on sexuality that can only be found here in Miami Beach.

World Erotic Art Museum
Address: 1205 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Website: weam.com